Thursday, January 17, 2008

All's Hair in Love and War

Friends occasionally ask me, "Amy, how do you pass the time in the car?" (No one has really ever asked me this, but if they did, I would have an answer.)
"Sing songs? Play word games?" they might ask. Oh, yes, by all means, play some word games! Better yet, make up your own!
Years ago, somewhere along the Florida Panhandle, we passed a poorly named hair salon...something like "A-1 Hair,"or "Glitzy Hair." I said, "My heavens, couldn't they ask around and come up with something better?" And a game was born. We name hair places. In the car, around the kitchen table, wherever we may be when the notion hits.
So, whether you're hitting the road for the long MLK weekend or planning a trip to Mobile or New Orleans during Mardi Gras, keep this little game in mind. To get you started, I am sharing our latest list, compiled over dinner and later posted on the refrigerator:

Tuskegee Hairmen, County Hair, Hairodynamics, Are We Hair Yet?, The Hairman of the Board, I Don't Give a Hair, Truth or Hair, Hair Ye! Hair Ye!, Into Thin Hair, A Wild Hair, Hair & Hair Alike, Double Dog Hair, Hot Hair Balloon, Hair Conditioning, Hair Vent, Breath of Fresh Hair, Hair Traffic Control, Hair With Me, Hairly Noticeable, Grin & Hair It, The Hair Went Over the Mountain, I Couldn't Hair Less, They Make Quite a Hair, Intensive Hair, Hair Witch Project, You're Hairing Me Out, A Flight of Hairs, Nighthairs, Oh Cont-hair, Mary Mary Quite Cont-hairy, Family Hairapy, Physical Hairapy, Speech Hairapy, Hairloom, InHairatance, Hairly Alive, Hair Supply, Haironautical Engineers, Hairoin Addict, Hairing Into Space, Hairdevil, Hairalized, Haironormal, The Electric Hair, Hair Force

A FINAL TIP: If you're looking for more of a challenge, move on to nail salons. This is for the more advanced players, as the options aren't as numerous. (You've Got Nails!, Nail Bondsman, Heads or Nails, etc., etc.)