Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hey, Little Girl, Are You Going to Eat Those Chips?

As promised, I wrote that I would launch a food column every Wednesday, with a nod to Mr. Outdoors. I don't have much to say about food right now, other than I really would like some. This "nutritional plan" I am on isn't very forgiving, and rare is the day that I have a hankering for a whole wheat bagel or a helping of firm tofu. But this is my lot.
If I weren't on such a nutritional plan, I sure could go for a Momma's Love or Camel Rider from Momma Goldberg's, which opened its first Birmingham spot Dec. 19. I don't have a photo of the new deli, but I do have this captivating shot, taken at the Auburn location. This is Mr. Outdoors himself, sitting next to one of my children after a football game. I call this one, "Hey, little girl, are you going to eat those chips?"
Mr. Outdoors and my husband are both Momma Goldberg's alumni, having both worked there back in the day. We take every opportunity to share the tradition with our children. In fact, it was at the Auburn location a few years ago that my youngest two children went missing for a few minutes and we found them in the back room (when there was a back room), shooting their first game of pool. They were 4 and 2. Makes a Momma proud.