Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New and improved!

Take a look over to the left, and you will find my first (albeit short) list of recommended blogs. More to come. The "local girl" blog, found at dayinpictures.co.uk and generated across the pond, is among the most creative and fun to read. Be sure to check it out. Susan Swagler's blog delivers the latest literary news (local and otherwise) and makes you feel like you aren't reading enough good books. Somewhere she lists what's on her nightstand, but I can't seem to put my cursor on it. So if your nightstand is home to a People magazine and a Tylenol bottle, perhaps you should spend a few minutes on her site. Lucky me, I have the honor of eating lunch with her today! I've also listed The Pioneer Woman because everybody and their mother reads it, so I can't have a glaring omission. And in hopes of finding favor with Mr. Outdoors, I've listed Alan Clemons' outdoors blog. I know nothing about hunting or fishing, but perhaps you do and will find this informative. Maybe, then, he will enjoy all this new blog traffic and will be so grateful and leave a comment on my blog, instead of taking the coward's way out and e-mailing instead. (On a related note, Alan always writes about food on Wednesdays. I think I'll do the same, with my first entry honoring Momma Goldberg's. Look for this tomorrow. Oh, and remember, Alan: I have photos. Oh, wait; you do, too.)