Friday, February 29, 2008

Hey, Y'all, Take a Leap! (Friday Round-Up)

Happy Leap Day, everyone! Here is your weekly Friday Round-Up...

What the heck is Leap Year? Something to do with the sun and the Gregorian or Julian (or is it Caesarean?) calendar and how the days don't add up right, so we have to tack on an extra day every four years to make things even. Leap Year inventors chose to extend February instead of any other month because February is generally riddled with bad weather and takes its toll on individuals with seasonal affective disorder. And that makes March so much more promising. The contrast between February and March is so vast that just when you think you can't take any more of February, lo and behold, it's March! This provides a psychological boost to people the world over. So making February even longer makes sense. The postcard pictured here , however, doesn't. It was created in 1908, with the theme being Leap Year. I don't get it.

And a little more Leap Year knowledge ... From The year 2008 is a leap year. If you look at a 2008 calendar, you will see that February has five Fridays–the month begins and ends on a Friday. Between the years 1904 and 2096, leap years that share the same day of week for each date repeat only every 28 years. The most recent year in which February comprised five Fridays was in 1980, and the next occurrence will be in 2036. Well, hmmm.....who knew!
As if that's not enough to make you stand up and shout ... according to the Chinese Calendar, 2008 is also the Year of the Rat, which is also known by its former name of Wu Zi.

On the political front ... The democratic debate Tuesday night took a bizarre turn when Hillary paraphrased a couple of lines from a SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE SKIT. I don't know when she's telling the truth anymore! One of the most humorless women on the planet led us to believe she watched the first SNL episode following the writers strike? Regardless of what you think about Hillary, though, you have to admit that her makeup was nothing less than STUNNING during the Ohio debate. Like a porcelain doll. We should all have such skin.

Hey, Let's Name a Baby! ... My sister is having her second child, and apparently all of the good names are taken and the leftovers are, well, leftovers. My brother-in-law's suggestions have gone largely ignored. Here's why: Albert, Amory and Calhoun. Blchhhh.... Tell you what, DAVE, you just step aside and let us come up with the suggestions, and then you can choose from the pre-approved list.

The toddler in the photo to the right will be the big brother.

The challenge in this case is in the last name: Templeton. So no matter what you do, the child's name will sound like a law firm. At the top of my list are Susannah (girl) and Cooper (boy). There's also talk of a Baxter. Perhaps the following pool of family names (for either first or middle names) will help you put that thinking cap on, or make you drive an icepick through your eyes: Powell, Lee, Frances, Winston, Herman, Ophelia, Travis, Bertrand, Ethlyn.

Again, have a very Happy Leap Day. Like the presidential election, it comes 'round only once every four live it up...