Friday, February 15, 2008

People, People Who Need People

Editor's Note: The following was posted 2/15/08, but later removed because of some ruffled feathers—feathers that apparently didn't understand that I LOVE PEOPLE MAGAZINE and I THOUGHT IT MADE A FINE VALENTINE'S GIFT, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT WAS GIVEN WITH A BOOKS-A-MILLION GIFT CARD, which I just happened to have used today, 2/20/08. I am GRATEFUL for the People Magazine, and I think Craig should be grateful that he has a wife who finds such pleasure in the simple things. So, the post is back up, and we shall continue on with more important matters tomorrow.

If a diamond says "forever," and roses say "I love you," what does a People Magazine say? Because that's what I got for Valentine's Day. Not a subscription, not even the thick, pictorial Year in Review issue, but the latest edition with a picture of Britney Spears around the time she was committed, looking like she just came off a three-day drunk.

Not that I didn't read it cover to cover and that I won't cherish it always. But what does it MEAN?

Let's dissect this.

It could mean that Craig was at Walgreen's when he realized it was Valentine's Day. It could mean that he knows I like a little trash, and this fit the bill. It could mean that he had five bucks burning a hole in his wallet and chose to spend it on me. It could mean we've been together so long and I have everything I need, so let's indulge a little, shall we?

Let me guess what some of your questions might be:
* Was it wrapped?
No, it was not. Not even in a gift bag. Not even a ribbon.
* How was it displayed? On your pillow?
Um, he handed it to me when he walked in the door from work.
* What did you give him?
A Starbuck's gift card and a new mug.
* Did you wrap your gift to him?
Sort of--with red tissue paper. It was sitting on his dinner plate, just as the kids' gifts were displayed.
* Did he give you a card?
No. No card. Well, there was a CARD -- a gift card to Books-a-Million.
* Do you feel you put more thought into Valentine's Day than he did?
I plead the Fifth.
* Is there anything else you'd like to say about Valentine's Day?
I cooked for more than three hours. Italian. It was very good.
* Do you love him anyway?
How could I not?

Editor's Footnote: See? The last two lines? That's what this post is all about. What do you know—I buried the lead.