Friday, March 28, 2008

Ocean Management 101 and The Easter Bunny Cleans Up (Friday Round Up)

Ocean management 101 ... You would never know from the quality of this photo that it was taken with a cell phone. But it was. The boy in the cap and holding the clipboard (while in the ocean) is mine, but without his assistant manager sock tie. He's on the Coast this week, and I don't know what he's doing. His friend with the stick is busily clubbing seals. The boys in the background are square dancing.

Thanks, Easter Bunny! ... The Easter Bunny hit Alabama PRETTY hard as evidenced by the gifts left behind. The Sanders family, for example, reports the receipt of several Tide sticks. The Easter Bunny must have shared notes with Santa Claus, who almost ALWAYS delivers practical and consumable gifts to our house, like spray cheese and toothbrushes. The children were reportedly THRILLED to have these new cleaning instruments that were sure to have kept their Easter clothes a stain-free and blinding white. Next year's wish list: Swiffer pads and Windex wipes.

"I don't care how old you are, go get in the picture." That was the command given to the nice-looking young man in the green, over to the left, when he told his mother that he is old enough to fight for his country so he shouldn't have to be in the annual Playhouse Picture on Easter Sunday. Sure, he can fight for his country, but he can't fight his mother ... and expect to win.

Have a delightful weekend...