Thursday, March 13, 2008

The OTHER Three-Hour Tour That Went Awry

Oh, this is SO Mary Ann.

Read on:

"Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island, has been caught with marijuana in her car, after being stopped on the way home from her surprise birthday party. (Sur-PRISE!) The giggling castaway of the 1960s TV comedy was picked up swerving and repeatedly speeding up and slowing down as she drove home from her surprise 69th birthday party in Idaho. When the officer who pulled her over asked about a marijuana smell, Wells said she'd just given a ride to three hitchhikers and had dropped them off when they began smoking something..."

Who didn't see this one coming? Even at 69 years old, she's just as helpful and compassionate as she was back on the island, serving up homemade dishes, making her own curtains and zipping through the palm trees and huts in a halter top. Today, she has allegedly taken to helping the downtrodden and allowing them to smoke illegal substances in her car. Well, SOMEbody has to, I guess.

I remember seeing her on a talk show years and years ago, promoting her company that makes clothing for the disabled. A very Mary Ann thing to do. The line of clothing was/is called "Wishing Wells." If it still exists, good for her! If it doesn't, maybe she could spend her probationary sentence cranking out some Velcro closures and easy-fit gowns. It's a good cause, and she may have some time on her hands.

From her website,, the official "Gilligan's Island Dawn Wells Web Site," Wells writes: "Mary Ann could take anything from lobsters to coconuts and in a matter of minutes whip up a delicious South Seas banquet. That's a talent the two of us share, so with Mary Ann's Menus, I'll pass along treasured family recipes for you to enjoy in your own home.
Coconut Cream Pie, anyone?" That's Mary Ann for you! Give, give, give!

We all have favorite episodes of Gilligan's Island (mine was the castaways' performance of Hamlet, The Musical and their lyrical rendition of "To Be Or Not To Be"), but for you GI fans who might be curious, among Dawn Wells' favorite memories from the Island: "It was fun being hit on the head and imagining I was Ginger in one episode ("The Second Ginger Grant")."

I liked that one, too. Yep. Good times. Good TV.