Friday, April 18, 2008

Dressing the Polygamist Way, Only 24 Hours in a Day, and the Quest for Solid News (Friday Roundup)

That's a Clever System the Polygamists Have ... I learned this week that the COLOR of a YZR woman's dress is determined by the family she belongs to. All of Joe's wives wear blue, for instance; all of Benjamin's wives wear light pink; and so forth. Like when schools go on field trips and all the kids wear the same colors so they don't get lost or hop on the wrong bus. Same idea. If my family all had to wear the same color, it would be a light blue, just a shade darker than baby blue. It's flattering on most of us, especially on the three with the blue eyes. Yellow is out of the question. Most of us are too pale, so yellow makes us look anemic.

I Can Name That Tune In Four Notes ... "Luck Be a Lady!" At the height of Kathie Lee Gifford's "problems" back in the '90s, one of the networks aired a special about her that went on for about nine hours. I remember a co-worker recapping the show the next day and saying, "You know, she's the luckiest woman on the planet. Nothing else could explain her success." Apparently her luck hasn't run out because she is now in her second week of co-hosting the FOURTH hour of "The Today Show." If NBC doesn't rein this thing in, producers will have to change it to "The Tonight Show."(For the record, I think she's fairly witty. I hope I look that good when I'm 54. But I would be happy to look that good NOW.)

Give me a 'C'! Give me an 'H'! ... Thanks to the gang of renegade cheerleaders in Lakeland, Fla., I enjoyed an inordinate number of new visitors over the past week. In fact, it was my post titled "When Cheerleaders Attack" that attracted a bumper crop of readers from around the world -- Australia, Canada, Portugal and some little island off the coast of Africa. I am certain they were disappointed to find I did not have the video, nor did I bother to include a link to the video. Because I am that lazy. And I am that offended by YouTube. Most readers were looking for specific cheerleaders, and because I had listed them by name, this is where they landed. Brittini Hardcastle wins the Most Popular vote hands-down. I'm glad, because she probably won't win it at her high school. I'm just guessing.

Other top attractions: "Bret Michaels' Girlfriend," "Al Gore Toilets," "Matt Lauer," "Drake's Coffee Cake," "Brett Michaels' Kids," and "Foods That Make You Sick."

Tag! You're It ... Thanks to MereCat, I have been tagged. My instructions seem simple enough: Share six unimportant things about you. I have LOTS of unimportant things I could share with you, but I chose these:
1. I don't know how to program phone numbers into my cell phone, nor can I change the ringtone.
2. I have seasonal eye allergies that are so severe, you should feel sorry for me.
3. I've never broken a bone. Mine or anyone else's.
4. Bo Jackson once opened a door for me.
5. I hate Cool Whip, Redi-Whip and just about any food with "whip" in its name.
6. I can type 87 wpm.
I am supposed to tag three other people and ask them to list their own six facts, but I prefer to leave that open for anyone to list, in the form of a comment. So, list away...

It is so very Friday -- enjoy it ...