Friday, April 11, 2008

I Would Like to Thank All of the Little People...

Well, lookie there over to the left! A Blog of the Day Award. What do you know? Whatever you know, it's more than I know because I don't know what it means. I was notified of this Major Award and was then given the BODA widget. And there it is, for all to see.

If you click on over to technorati, you will see that I am listed just above "Big Brother 9: Live Feed Reports" AND "Obama, 100 Years and a Lack of Foreign Policy Experience." So I'm in some pretty diverse company, wouldn't you say?

The irony of this situation is that just yesterday, I wrote that I am tapering off this blog to focus on other avenues. I un-joined, ate some cake in the break room and began packing the proverbial cardboard box as I prepare to move on. (Pull the Kleenex from the box, wipe my eye.) But now, you have given me pause, either to hang on a little longer as I pursue these other avenues and go totally insane, or continue on as planned. (Grab the podium on either side and bow my head. Lift my head again, stare at the ceiling and suck in my lips. Sigh ...)

I would like to thank all of the little people who have made this widget possible. Without you, I wouldn't have this widget. I will print this widget and display it over the fireplace for my family to admire.

(I whisper to the tux-clad gentleman who looks remarkably like Johnny Depp and is escorting me offstage ...) Does this commendation involve, perhaps, a check? Savings bond? Gift certificate to Olive Garden?

Happy weekend ... and thank you for the nomination and award.