Friday, April 04, 2008

Relatives, Cheerleaders and Pregnant Men, Oh, My! (Friday Roundup)

This is such a tiny little world we live in ... Imagine my joy to find a long-lost relative through this blog. I received this comment on my Family Reunion post last week from Jami, who, I believe, lives in Texas: WE ARE RELATED!! I'm a direct descendant of Robert E. Lee, too - or so I've been told. Of course, that may have just been my grandmother trying to explain away her beard, too. (Yeah, I know we're ALL related somewhere/somehow but only having to go back 150 years is almost can't-marry-'em cousins territory.)

Where's the integrity? ...
In journalism classes and in writing for newspapers and magazines, you learn a lot of things. Like when you should identify a person's gender or race. "The escaped convict is a black man, stands about 6 feet tall and is considered armed and dangerous." Or, "The missing Korean woman was last seen outside her trailer late Wednesday afternoon and was wearing a tube top and jeans with 'Juicy' across the rear." These are vital identifying factors. But I would bet that nowhere, I mean NOWHERE, has a journalism professor ever said, "You should always identify a cheerleader as a cheerleader." Why, then, does the media insist on doing this? (No knocks against cheerleaders, by the way.) The fact that a teenager, who died on the operating table, was a cheerleader, I will tell you, is not the lead. (The lead is that a high school student was having breast augmentation surgery and died.) Matt Lauer, however, will tell you otherwise. "A cheerleader dies during breast surgery. What went wrong? Hear her family's story in the next half-hour." I fully expect Mr. Outdoors to respond to this question of journalistic integrity.

I can't let this one slip by ... I do not watch Oprah. I am not a fan of Oprah. I firmly believe that as she nears death, she will sit on a hospital bed, cloaked in radiant fabrics as Maya Angelou recites poetry in the corner and Dr. Phil counsels the grieving friends in the waiting room, while reporters and her Best Friend Gayle stand vigil at her bedside, hold her hands and ask, "Please? Just a few more words of wisdom? Please, Oprah, don't leave us just STANDING here!" Anyway, word is she had the Pregnant Man on her show yesterday. I don't have anything to add to that. Except this: I convinced my husband to go to a spinning class with me last night. He left after only 20 minutes. Draw your own conclusions.

If you've been working for the weekend, as EVERYBODY does, you'll be glad to know it's here. Enjoy ...

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