Thursday, April 24, 2008

That's the Hottest Thing You've Done All Week!

This is about the book "It's All Too Much" by Peter Walsh, the professional organizer from TLC's hit series "Clean Sweep."

This type of book is generally not my speed, but it has earned favorable reviews, AND my well-meaning husband checked it out at the library AND BROUGHT IT HOME TO ME. I could read between all KINDS of lines here, but I'll just take it at face value and assume that he thinks I have a crush on Peter Walsh and his Australian accent. Or that I especially enjoy that gentle way he has of making grown men and women cry in the middle of their cluttered family rooms because they are just discovering they have "issues" that make them hold onto things like bowling balls, school projects (theirs, not their kids'), broken furniture and clothes that will never ever fit them again. "Issues" that have led them to believe that wrapping paper and scrapbooking supplies belong on the dining room table.

I took one look at Al Gore's home office (see Tuesday's post), and I was inspired. I was NOT going to be like that wasteful Al Gore and his 13 computer screens and 27 tons of paper. I don't care HOW many solar panels he has or HOW many carbon credits he has bought to ease his conscience. It's WRONG. So I picked up the book and resolved to straighten up. I started in my office. In one afternoon, I rearranged two computers, cleared my desk of yesterday's (and today's) coffee mugs, the unopened mail, the subscription cards and the plates (yes, plates) and made about 19 stacks of papers across the floor and along the very comfortable couch in my office that nobody has sat on in WEEKS. So while the rest of the room may not be so tidy, by golly, my desk certainly is. It's a methodical purging that will ultimately lead to an entire Cleanly Swept house. I hope.

SOMEbody is paying attention. This is an e-mail I received from my husband last night: "The fact that you have been reading a self-improvement book and acting on it... That's probably the hottest thing you've done all week."