Saturday, May 31, 2008

SELF-IMPOSED DEADLINE: Monday, June 16, 2008

My maternal grandmother kept a wall calendar from Marietta Savings & Loan Bank (in the days of savings & loan banks) hanging from a brass picture hook in her dining room. At the end of each day, this interior decorator would mark through that day's date with a red marker, as if to say, "Whew. Another day behind me." I always thought that was sort of a sad way to look at life, as if she were doing time here on earth. She also dreamed of living in The Bronx and sitting on a window sill as she tossed empty beer cans into the street below. But I digress.
As I announced Friday, this blog is, like the South, undergoing Reconstruction. But unlike the Reconstruction of the South, this won't take 13 years. All is ask for is 16 days—16 days for you to mark off your calendar as we press forward and build a bigger and better blog.
After much thought, the address will remain the same—I hate moving, but I love to rearrange furniture and paint the walls. It makes me feel like I have new surroundings and helps me cope with PMS. Same goes for the blog. But I will do more than rearrange pieces. I will have new stuff alongside some of the old stuff that I can't bear to part with. Like that wooden high chair in the corner of my dining room.
So ... until Monday, June 16, feel free to browse through the archives. You can mark off the days on the calendar, if you'd like ...