Monday, July 21, 2008

Rewind, Then Fast Forward

This '80s flashback gives a nod to the VCR and will harken back to the days of rewinds and fast forwards and a lot of jumping around until you find the place you were looking for. I've simplified matters by providing quick links that are as easy to navigate as pressing a key. No flashing "12:00." No cursing the VCR remote.

First, rewind to here to read my response to one of the best reads of 2008, The Geography of Bliss.

Then fast forward to this, written by a philosophy professor who teaches at my alma mater, which is affectionately known around these parts as God's Country. You will, I promise, laugh out loud at her take on the social and cultural nuances of east Alabama. And laugh all you like, but know that the majority of AU alumni spend their adult lives trying to figure out a way to crawl back, make a living and raise a family in One of the Happiest Places on Earth. When I told her this, she heartily agreed and shared that her neighbor (a '70s alum) did just that. He commutes to Chicago. From east Alabama.

(A footnote: Only 40 days until kickoff. Oh. My. Gosh. ...... To learn more, click here.)