Friday, August 15, 2008

All Sorts of Stuff (Friday Roundup)

(If I ate 10,000 calories a day, I wouldn't look like this. photo by Sean M. Haffey/Union-Tribune)

These Olympics Are Making Me Tired ... At a local coffee shop Wednesday night, I overheard a group of overweight teachers complaining about the first few days of school and all that they had dealt with. Then one of them summed it all up, as an apology of sorts for her mood: "I'm not getting much sleep. These Olympics are making me tired."
In other Olympic news, I think that if I were a male swimmer not named "Phelps" in Beijing, I wouldn't bother getting out of bed. In fact, I think I would make plans to stay in my hotel room all day and eat Doritos.

(Is he yawning in the Olympic pool? photo by Doug Mills/New York Times)
Don't you agree that Michael Phelps is beginning to look a little bored?

Better Than a Mint ... Lookie what I found on my pillow one night in June! That's right -- the latest David Sedaris book! Don't know why I haven't bragged about this until now. Sedaris is clearly in a mid-life crisis, and this collection of essays brings that mid-life angst to the forefront, sometimes pushing his funny family to the background. But that's OK. He's entitled.

I must be getting older myself. While reading a couple of the chapters, I thought, and even said aloud, "What a ripoff! I've read this before somewhere! Did he just remanufacture some of these?"

"No. You heard him read them IN PERSON when we went to his 'concert'."

"Oh. I thought they sounded familiar." I really should do something about this memory of mine. And another thing: I really should do something about this memory of mine.

And while we're on the subject of book recommendations ... if you are either winding down your summer or wondering what to do in that empty house of yours while the kids are in school, check out Free for All by Don Borchert. You wouldn't think a book about working in a public library would be funny, but you would be wrong.

It's a Major Award ... Mosey on over here to make yourself feel better about misplaced keys, ridiculous gas prices and anything your kids may have put you through recently. At the end of the story, you will see why I am humbled beyond words by a most recent award.

It's the weekend, and it's still summer. Take a swim, read a good book, smile as your kids abuse you ...