Monday, October 13, 2008

Amy, Get Your Gun...and Pass the Salsa, Would You?

While I would never leave a pistol out in plain view during a dinner party -- I wasn't raised by wolves, you know -- I had no problem whatsoever not concealing my two most recent pistol targets when the daughter's new male friend joined us for dinner Monday evening. In fact, I believe these targets made a nice centerpiece during our Mexican fiesta, which was comprised largely of enchiladas made from two Old El Paso dinner kits and chips with radiator salsa (recipe to follow). Not that he noticed the impressive and numerous bull's eyes, but if he had, I'm certain he would have assumed they were made by his girlfriend's FATHER. And that would have been OK, I suppose, except that I am the one who knows every single word to "Cleaning This Gun" by Rodney Atkins.

The holes in this target were made from bullets I fired from a .38 special.
I loved .38 Special when I was in high school...Hold On Loosely, So Caught Up in You, Wild-Eyed Southern Boys ...

These holes were created by a very basic .22 semiautomatic. I could have shot that gun all day.

Radiator Salsa

My friend, Lila, was charged with making an appetizer before book club years ago. But like everyone else, she ran short on time. She stopped at the grocery store, picked up the following ingredients, opened the cans and assembled the dish on the hood of her car. So I named it "Radiator Salsa."

1 jar of salsa, any kind, any level of heat

1 can of white shoepeg corn

1 can of black beans (preferably rinsed, but if you're assembling this dish on the hood of your car, oh, well)

chopped cilantro (again, if you're working from a Suburban or Passat, you can omit the cilantro)

Dump all ingredients in a bowl, and stir. Serve with tortilla chips. Or eat it with a spoon. Put some sour cream on top, if you want. It's all good.