Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's a Party -- a POVERTY Party

Bossy has broken new ground once again. She is blazing a trail out of poverty and into a debt-free life. And she wants the whole darn world to support her and, if they'd like, join her. As she has pointed out, now is about as good a time as any to tighten the belt, say "no" to a few things and generally make better decisions.

From today's post:

Bossy will use this space to report her spending and missteps, along with cheap recipes, savings tips, and suggested tricks and goals.

So, whether you have mounting debt, fear that you may go into debt, or just want to feel the empowerment of spending less and saving more in this crappy economy, maybe you should get all dressed up and join the party. And by dressed up, we mean sweat pants and an oversized t-shirt. Ponytail is optional.

To acquaint you visitors from Bossy's site with my own take on frugal living, let's step back in time, shall we? Hop over here to read Step 1 in my series on How to Ward Off Depression.

After reading this, you might ask yourself, "Where the hay is Step 2?" And that's a fair question. The answer is, I haven't written it yet. I have been knee-deep in deadlines for jobs that pay the bills, which is another important step in spending less, saving more: WORK HARD. But I shall do better, now that I'm a partygoer. You wouldn't bring an empty dish to a party, would you?

Be forewarned. The steps I will offer and the tales I will share (no set schedule yet) as one of many widget-carrying members of this Poverty Party will probably be painfully honest -- shocking, even. The reason being, I have several circles of friends, and these circles don't always intersect. So what I might share could come as a surprise to some circles, but be totally expected by others. I am the common denominator in a wide and colorful variety of socioeconomic circles, circles that might not get along with each other if they were to, say, talk politics, religion or money. My personal circles are churchgoers, non-churchgoers, Democrats, Republicans, straight, not straight, deep pockets, empty pockets, public school, private school, young, old, male, female, Southerners, non-Southerners, good spellers, poor spellers. I have them all. Gosh, I love my circles. And then there are the circles I may not know personally, but are made up of people who find themselves here and say, "What is she TALKING about?"

I tell you this to let you know that I don't care who you are because, as Bossy so eloquently put it, every indication suggests that right now is the time to truly reign in spending and whittle down debt, where indication equals the breadline Bossy is standing in due to the collapsed economy.

Party on ...