Friday, October 03, 2008

What a Depression Looks Like; Pass the Meth; Fabled Game & More (Friday Roundup)

What does a depression look like? ... In my recent research of the Great Depression, I stumbled across a thread with comments dating back 12 to 15 months — more than a year's worth of speculation and supposition. The question posed on this particular thread is "What does a depression look like?" (I have corrected neither spelling, capitalization nor grammar in these comments. Ours is still a capitalist society, no matter how weak the dollar, and because we may be heading toward a depression, I cannot afford to work for free. These are hard times, so correct your own English.)

The following are actual comments left on the thread:

• "I think once it really took hold one of the first things you would prominently start to notice is a marked downturn in vehicular traffic. With the price of gas and food going through the roof."

• "You know, during the depression my grandfather had been a banker and he became a carpenter. But he had to leave for 4 years to work on the shipyards in California while my grandmother and five children were back in North Dakota. Men would come to the house asking for a meal....she would agree to it if they did a job around the yard to do for her. She never let on that there wasn't a man around but made them eat outside on the picnic table. I don't think this would happen in this day and age. I think people will hurt other people. I don't think there were people who looted and commited crime back would happen all over the place now. There was no martial law during this time to my knowledge but I'm afraid this will happen if chaos ensues. It's all very disturbing to contemplate....I hope the Lord takes us out before this would get to this point. I think (you may not agree with me) that there are a lot of people out there who use pot...and I think they will try to get their hands on anything out of escape reality and will do anything to feed this addiction."

Who needs a meteorologist ... when you are a human barometer? And have at least one child who, this time of year, looks like she has ebola?

People who claim to love fall weather clearly do not have seasonal allergies and really need to Shut Up.

My drug of choice just happens to contain the ingredients for cooking up some crystal meth, and I am certain my name is on all sorts of databases (thanks, Walgreen's, Wal-Mart and Publix!) with an asterisk labeling me as "suspicious" and "potential meth dealer" and "clearly an addiction risk." I don't care if it IS crystal meth; without it, my head would explode and my teeth would fall out from the blinding pain.

What do you take me for? A fool? ... Hunting season has arrived, and it seems a certain outdoors writer is busily promoting snipe hunting as an actual sport. When I shared this tidbit with the husband, he laughed and said, "No way." Click here for another expert's insistence that snipe hunting is For Real.

This is a snipe...or is it?

Not much else to say ... about Paul Newman that hasn't already been said. Except "no, you big bonehead" to the bag boy at Publix who examined my second purchase of Newman's Own salsa this week and asked, "Was Paul Newman a soap opera star?"

Whoa! It's Friday already! I'm off to the woods to shoot things (not snipes), drive an ATV, not cook my own food and enjoy lots of cool things that float my boat. Like, float my boat, or canoe. It's BOW weekend. May your weekend be equally entertaining ...