Saturday, January 19, 2008

Winter Storm 2008

It's he-ere! O, ye of little faith, you naysayers who pshawed the whole notion of a winter storm in the Birmingham area. The blinding whiteness of it all, the threat of icy roads, the bitter temperatures. WHO CARES?
Makes a grown person clap her hands and say, "Hey, kids! Go outside!"
Thanks, God!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hey, Where'd You Get Those Pants?

As Birmingham braces for Winter Storm 2008, which may deliver as much as 1 to 3 INCHES of snow, thoughts turn to fashion, as in warm, comfortable loungewear. I was able to secure these photos of Caprice in her sleep pants. The camera may not have been a camera at all, but maybe a phone or some kind of weird spy device. I cannot be responsible for the poor quality.
These "My Name Is Earl" pants were a Christmas gift from her sisters, who found them on the side of the road in St. Louis (because nothing says "Season's Greetings" like a pair of pants found near the interstate). They took them home, maybe washed them, then wrapped them in a pretty package.
Stay warm...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

All's Hair in Love and War

Friends occasionally ask me, "Amy, how do you pass the time in the car?" (No one has really ever asked me this, but if they did, I would have an answer.)
"Sing songs? Play word games?" they might ask. Oh, yes, by all means, play some word games! Better yet, make up your own!
Years ago, somewhere along the Florida Panhandle, we passed a poorly named hair salon...something like "A-1 Hair,"or "Glitzy Hair." I said, "My heavens, couldn't they ask around and come up with something better?" And a game was born. We name hair places. In the car, around the kitchen table, wherever we may be when the notion hits.
So, whether you're hitting the road for the long MLK weekend or planning a trip to Mobile or New Orleans during Mardi Gras, keep this little game in mind. To get you started, I am sharing our latest list, compiled over dinner and later posted on the refrigerator:

Tuskegee Hairmen, County Hair, Hairodynamics, Are We Hair Yet?, The Hairman of the Board, I Don't Give a Hair, Truth or Hair, Hair Ye! Hair Ye!, Into Thin Hair, A Wild Hair, Hair & Hair Alike, Double Dog Hair, Hot Hair Balloon, Hair Conditioning, Hair Vent, Breath of Fresh Hair, Hair Traffic Control, Hair With Me, Hairly Noticeable, Grin & Hair It, The Hair Went Over the Mountain, I Couldn't Hair Less, They Make Quite a Hair, Intensive Hair, Hair Witch Project, You're Hairing Me Out, A Flight of Hairs, Nighthairs, Oh Cont-hair, Mary Mary Quite Cont-hairy, Family Hairapy, Physical Hairapy, Speech Hairapy, Hairloom, InHairatance, Hairly Alive, Hair Supply, Haironautical Engineers, Hairoin Addict, Hairing Into Space, Hairdevil, Hairalized, Haironormal, The Electric Hair, Hair Force

A FINAL TIP: If you're looking for more of a challenge, move on to nail salons. This is for the more advanced players, as the options aren't as numerous. (You've Got Nails!, Nail Bondsman, Heads or Nails, etc., etc.)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hey, Little Girl, Are You Going to Eat Those Chips?

As promised, I wrote that I would launch a food column every Wednesday, with a nod to Mr. Outdoors. I don't have much to say about food right now, other than I really would like some. This "nutritional plan" I am on isn't very forgiving, and rare is the day that I have a hankering for a whole wheat bagel or a helping of firm tofu. But this is my lot.
If I weren't on such a nutritional plan, I sure could go for a Momma's Love or Camel Rider from Momma Goldberg's, which opened its first Birmingham spot Dec. 19. I don't have a photo of the new deli, but I do have this captivating shot, taken at the Auburn location. This is Mr. Outdoors himself, sitting next to one of my children after a football game. I call this one, "Hey, little girl, are you going to eat those chips?"
Mr. Outdoors and my husband are both Momma Goldberg's alumni, having both worked there back in the day. We take every opportunity to share the tradition with our children. In fact, it was at the Auburn location a few years ago that my youngest two children went missing for a few minutes and we found them in the back room (when there was a back room), shooting their first game of pool. They were 4 and 2. Makes a Momma proud.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New and improved!

Take a look over to the left, and you will find my first (albeit short) list of recommended blogs. More to come. The "local girl" blog, found at and generated across the pond, is among the most creative and fun to read. Be sure to check it out. Susan Swagler's blog delivers the latest literary news (local and otherwise) and makes you feel like you aren't reading enough good books. Somewhere she lists what's on her nightstand, but I can't seem to put my cursor on it. So if your nightstand is home to a People magazine and a Tylenol bottle, perhaps you should spend a few minutes on her site. Lucky me, I have the honor of eating lunch with her today! I've also listed The Pioneer Woman because everybody and their mother reads it, so I can't have a glaring omission. And in hopes of finding favor with Mr. Outdoors, I've listed Alan Clemons' outdoors blog. I know nothing about hunting or fishing, but perhaps you do and will find this informative. Maybe, then, he will enjoy all this new blog traffic and will be so grateful and leave a comment on my blog, instead of taking the coward's way out and e-mailing instead. (On a related note, Alan always writes about food on Wednesdays. I think I'll do the same, with my first entry honoring Momma Goldberg's. Look for this tomorrow. Oh, and remember, Alan: I have photos. Oh, wait; you do, too.)