Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Called FAT Tuesday for a Reason; Cub Reporter Gets the Facts (Friday Roundup)

A hint of things to come ... As Mardi Gras comes to a close next week, I will be blogging (somewhat) live from the festivities, all the way through Fat Tuesday. That is, as long as I have wireless. And as long as I don't get distracted by the food and choose instead to overeat. And fall asleep bloated, wearing purple beads around my neck. And wake up asking, "Blog? What's a blog? I ate a lot, sure, but I swear I didn't eat a blog."

I get my news from the playground ... and so should you. My 10-year-old piled into the car this week and provided a news report about the unfortunate chimpanzee attack in Connecticut. She had collected her facts at recess. I believed none of them, until I watched a news segment later that day. Who knew a fifth-grader could provide breaking national news?

Please note: nothing I say here will be any different than what you have already heard or read, and I will therefore not editorialize this very sad story. I am not making light of this event. I am simply bragging about my fifth-grader's ability to synthesize and report. Since she was 2, we have called her "The Town Crier." You'll see why. Her synopsis, verbatim:

This woman owned this 200-lb. chimpanzee, and her friend came over, and the owner stabbed and stabbed the chimpanzee because he had Lyme disease and was violent. He attacked her friend, and now the friend has to have a face transplant and replacement fingers.

I don't know a reporter alive today who could have introduced this story in a more succinct and appealing way. This is solid journalism at work. Rachel Maddow could learn something from her.

Only two weeks ... into hosting a second blog (, I can report that traffic is steady and respectable, but I'm ready for some rubber necking, a pileup, a straight-up traffic JAM. But please, no texting or cell phone usage. Safety first, I say. After you finish reading this post, I invite you to take a detour and pay the new blog a visit. It would be rude not to.

Happy weekend, and if you're heading toward Mobile, the Gulf Coast, New Orleans or anywhere else for Mardi Gras, may you catch many, many Moon Pies.