Monday, February 09, 2009

T Minus Zero: The Book Review Blog Is Now Open for Traffic

Whether you have arrived here by accident or on purpose today, I'd like to direct you over to my newest project, the book review blog. You will find it at Bookmark it, write it on your hand, do what you have to do in order to visit it often. Or, at least, regularly.

I will be taking on the monumental and thankless task of managing not one, but TWO blogs. I make no promises about when either blog will be updated, but my intention is to post book reviews every Monday; more frequently if and when the mood hits me. You never know what title will be reviewed, so that should keep you coming back for more. Reviewed books will be fiction, non-fiction, well-written, total crapola, children's, young adult, technical, how-to, self-help, biography, cooking, you name it. Few will be recent releases, so you don't have to worry about reading about a certain title over and over and over until you're ready to scream, "Shut up, already, Oprah!" I might find something on my shelf, at the thrift store or, more likely, at the library where books are free, and there you have the criteria for inclusion on Excellent Book Reviews.

The blog will retain its original voice and spotty updates. Content will remain without direction or editorial policy. I write what I write--no parameters, no guidelines. And no pay. A friend recently asked if the book blog was for pay. I choked on a tortilla, then laughed out loud. "No, this is a public service. My way of giving back to the community." So you should at least visit it occasionally, if only to be nice.

Now, go read.