Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flashback to Winter Storm 2009

More than one week ago, I hinted that I would share photos from Winter Storm 2009. The storm was March 1. As you might recall, I was suffering severe malaise and a touch of TB. Many of these photos--and you will not believe this, I know--were taken from inside my kitchen, through a closed window. Despite these sad conditions, the quality is nothing short of remarkable. The content, however, is a little boring. And for that, I apologize. I did the best I could in my decrepit state.

My oldest child is missing from these photos. Maybe she got lost in the snow. Maybe she was busily taking photos of her own. If she went missing, she somehow found her way home because I've seen her since then.

" Wow," you're probably saying, "that is one cute kid!" And you're one alert reader.

The deepest snow was found on the deck. That's where the sad little snowman was born ... and where he died, about 48 long hours later, following a heat stroke. I can't remember his name, but I do remember it being clever.

This is my favorite. It looks like a scene from The Shining or some equally disturbing movie where someone is about to be killed or spooked. If that bothers you, then make believe these two kids are foraging for nuts and berries, or maybe kindling for the fire.

I don't remember this snowman's name either, and I don't know who took this picture. You can see that he was properly outfitted with Mardi Gras beads. He lasted a good three days, then met his demise as the thermometer climbed to 50something. He looked pretty silly in his final hours, sitting in the weeds and pretending to be all snowmanlike, without a head or abdomen and a strand of beads on the ground.

Wait just a minute! Why is this man wearing my Woolrich coat? What was wrong with his own coat? A person is sick, and her family just rifles through her closet and takes whatever they darn well please, knowing she can't fight back. And then they photograph the entire misstep, like it will later be part of a ransom.