Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday Sure Looks a Lot Like Tuesday

... and that's a fair criticism. So, to make amends and give you a small preview of what may be to come, I offer you this handful of glimpses into Spring Break '09. (What did you expect? Club La Vela? C'mon. We have four kids.)

On the steps of St. John's Church, where Michelle and Barack attended an interfaith prayer service the morning of the inauguration. You might remember that the color of Michelle's dress was almost the same as the color of the church. Our hotel was only two doors down from St. John's, so we felt very inaugural as we passed the church about 100 times each day.

Try as we might, we couldn't break through security to enter Nancy Pelosi's office. And that's too bad because I had typed a fairly detailed agenda for our meeting. Sort of disappointing.

Barney Frank's office is just around the corner from our Congressman's office. We didn't see Frank in person, but when the House convened that night, our 8-year-old was watching C-Span in our hotel room when the honorable Congressman from Massachusetts took the podium. "Hey! Hey! Barney Frank is on TV!" Now, I ask you, how many 8-year-olds from a politically conservative family from Alabama say this each day?

One of these things is not like the other. The first three look like they're standing in the rain on a Sunday evening after: a) being in the car most of the day; and b) walking in the drizzling rain the rest of the time. The fourth one might be medicated.

This is me, after sharing a hotel room with five other people for six consecutive nights. Or, it's an exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Same thing.

Please check back throughout this week. So much more to share from our nation's capital, from Williamsburg and from an undisclosed location of Golden Corral.