Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amy's Dream Analysis: Fred Thompson

Dream: My dental hygienist called to say that former Sen. Fred Thompson phoned her office and was looking for me.

"That Fred," I told her.
She relayed the message that he had dyed his hair blonde and needed to talk with me about it. I assured her that I would call him later. I was preoccupied with a new zoning ordinance that would allow a state highway to run perpendicular to my front yard, which means that the new road would pass right through my kitchen. The highway would be lined with produce stands.
While Fred Thompson waited for my return call, I met with the DOT engineer, who toured me through the woods across from my house and told me to ignore the boxes and display cases of oranges and tomatoes--nothing was definite yet.

"Roads take years to build," he assured me.

And then he convinced me that this matter could stay just between us with a payoff of $35.12. (He paid me with a promissory note.) I asked him where his office would be so that I could reach him if I had any questions. He said that he would be working from the marina, where he could get free WiFi.

Analysis: Congressional elections are only a little more than a year away, and Excedrin Migraine was working overtime during my REM sleep.