Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Party Games and a Little Dream Analysis

After a full day of baptism and celebration this past Sunday, we gathered with about 30 of our friends to grill out burgers and play Pictionary Man.
While our customs might not be biblical, we think Jesus would approve.
To be truthful (as Jesus would want us to be), we sent the kids far, far away into the woods or somewhere, and then the women bored the men out of their skulls with all their coupon talk and bargain-shopping stories so that the men would retreat and leave us the heck alone. And then we sighed our collective "whew!" and conversation got a little spicier and more enjoyable, and then we broke out Pictionary Man.
Party games like Pictionary Man reveal a lot about friendships. Their strength. Their duration. The disbelief that so many people possess the TOTAL INABILITY TO DRAW. Tempers flared and a few pens were slammed on the table. Some examples why:

* Popeye was not a pirate. He was a sailor man. And no, he and Jack Sparrow do not resemble each other.

* "The Road to Misunderstanding" is not a TV show. Nobody knows what it is.

* Johnny Cash, Eddie Money and Johnny Paycheck are interchangeable when you're illustrating their names. This is not worth arguing about or trying to drive home a point. It's just a fact. A very real fact.

* Nobody really cares that you don't watch prime time TV. But if you paid attention to the occasional commercial and preview, you really would make a better Pictionary Man player.

* Clearly, people don't have to share the same musical tastes. But not knowing who the Red Hot Chili Peppers are, I have to say, is sort of unfortunate.

On to other matters . . .

When a person watches too much TV news and spends a little too much time online, that person can make himself a little obsessive and worrisome. This is not to say that we should ignore the threat of swine flu and share soft drinks with complete strangers on a subway, but you shouldn't be so worked up about things that you wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat, fretting over another nightmare that is eerily similar to the storyline of I Am Legend.

My analysis: You are very scared of death and disease. And cleaning up vomit.

The very same night that this dream wormed its way into our house, I dreamed that I ran into one of my many friends named Michelle. We were both at the Birmingham International Airport, and she was heading to Atlanta to visit Six Flags. Her flight was announced, she said, "Oh, that's me! I have to go! I'll talk to you later!" And then she and her husband hopped aboard the Sky Buckets for what had to be a very long ride to Atlanta, as it was raining, and the Sky Buckets zip along at about 4 mph. In this dream, I was also traveling to Six Flags in Atlanta, but when I got there, the temperature had dropped to about 35 degrees, but I still rode the log ride and the Scream Machine.

My analysis: I'm not really worried about the swine flu.